Lavender essential oil

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100% Natural Lavender Oil direct from the Rose Valley.

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Steam distillation of Lavender Angustifolia variety Sevtopolis, Heber, Hemus, Jubileena and Raya. Fragrant and with excellent performance. Linalyl acetate >30%, Linalool 28%

Outlet for diffusers and home cosmetics. Suitable for adding a few drops to shampoos and hair conditioners. It improves blood circulation in the roots of the hair, heals the scalp and accelerates its growth. In cosmetic preparations for the body, it improves the blood circulation of the skin and has a bactericidal effect. Relaxes the muscles. Calms and improves sleep. Preserves the color of tattoos.
It is used dissolved in base oils - argan, linseed, almond, grape seed, etc.

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