Lavender Box Gourmet

29.00 лв.




- Dry color - 250 g

- Lavender vinegar - 115 ml

- Lavender syrup - 115 ml

- Mint dry leaf - 50 g

- Sage (Salvia) - 50 g

How to use them?

- Lavender dry color - The color in the box is enough to put a bouquet in a vase or make a few bundles for the wardrobe. It is an excellent addition to face, body or bath salts. The steam bath with lavender will refresh your face. The flower has retained its aroma and is a great base for lavender lemonade. Add lavender to your tea for flavor and strength. Flowers are the perfect finish to your cakes. Something few know - lavender is an excellent spice for meat and fish.

- Vinegar with Lavender from - A spoonful of vinegar in the morning is a well-known means of stimulating metabolism. Why don't your first sip in the morning taste like lavender! Vinegar is also good for flavoring green and fruit salads.

- Lavender syrup - Sweetened with Agave syrup with low glycemic index. Suitable for people who follow #Keto diet or diabetes and insulin resistance.

- Mint - That's clear. You use it for aromatic tea, steam bath or home cosmetics.