Absolute from Rosa Damascena

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The pink absolute is produced from pink concrete by extraction with ethyl alcohol. The color of the pink absolute is from yellow-orange to reddish and has a very strong aroma of rose oil. The composition of the rose absolute includes the components of the rose oil citronellol, geraniol and nerol. Pink absolute is used in cosmetics and aromatherapy. Pink absolute is one of the best cosmetic ingredients and is suitable for all skin types due to its strong moisturizing and hydrating effect. Absolute is used in the perfume industry because it has a stronger and closer to real roses scent than rose oil.

The pink absolute protects the delicate skin and gently perfumes it. It is absorbed into the skin, soothing, softening and moisturizing. Like rose water, wax reduces the signs of aging such as fine lines and wrinkles. The pink absolute, with its divine, delicate scent and silky texture, is perfect for our luxurious, natural, homey

  • perfumes solid and liquid
  • face cream
  • lip balm
  • body balm
  • soap
  • scented candles



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