About us

The Valley of Roses is not only a geographical concept for one of the most beautiful regions in Bulgaria. It is a gathering place for fertility, freshness, aromas, diversity, ancient and modern cultures, ethnicities, traditions and innovations. The Valley of Roses is magic. It is the idyllic pastoral paradise of ancient myths and legends. The Valley of Roses is where the rose finds its home, where the month of May is the peak of the annual cycle of the Earth's rotation around the Sun. In the Valley of Roses you will find everything you need for your healthy lifestyle, your beauty and healthy eating. We have gathered in one place essential oils, liquid extracts of herbs and spices by fermentation, floral waters and dried flowers. We adhere to the principle of "one ingredient many applications". We offer a wide selection of pure products directly from manufacturers.

For orders phone: 0889449494, office@therosesvalley.com